Only 500m to University of Bradford
School of Management

As well as being a short 500m walk away from the School of Management, Emm Field Villas is also equally close to the fabulous award winning Lister Park, with its many sporting and leisure facilities including tennis courts, boating lake and botanical gardens.




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καλωσορίζουμε τους διεθνής φοιτητές

Diamo il Benvenuto Agli Studenti Internazionali

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Emm Field Villas

A haven of peace and tranquility combined with all modern facilities and amenities, Emm Field Villas has a real feeling of friendly community and is a truly unique and memorable experience for all students

We've got it covered

We take care of all the details so you can focus on studying

Highspeed WiFi

70Mbps internet and WiFi in all rooms and communal areas

Bikes & Cars

They’ll all be secure in our covered bike store and private, lit car park

24/7 security

Round the clock security with CCTV

Room options

From standard and en-suite rooms to 2 and 3 bedroom apartments

Just down the road from the School of Management

Our range of rooms

We have rooms to suit all your needs from private rooms to 2 and 3 bedroom apartments


Your own private room with shared bathroom

Fully furnished with double bed, desk and chair

Plenty of space with wardrobe and storage cupboard

Spacious room sizes

Communal Kitchen / Lounge Area

Rooms & Booking


Your own private room with en-suite bathroom

Fully furnished with double bed, desk and chair

Plenty of space with wardrobe and storage cupboard

Spacious room sizes

Communal Kitchen / Lounge Area

Rooms & Booking


Your own private bedroom with a shared bathroom in the apartment

Fully furnished with double bed, desk and chair

Own Kitchen and Laundry

Plenty of space with wardrobe and storage cupboard

Spacious room sizes

Rooms & Booking

Don’t take our word for it

This is what our students say about living at Emm Field Villas

When we asked the students if they would recommend Emm Field Villas to others
100% of respondents said a big YES.

“Yes of course..!”

Liya H.

“The house is ideal for students, especially the ones who are studying in the SoM. I would totally recommend it to others.”

Yiota P.

“Yes, I would recommend it to other students”

Thomas D.

“I am so happy to stay in Eisha house and I will recommend Emm Field Villas to my friends who come to Bradford for studying.”

Gege Zh.

This is what they said about living at Emm Field Villas:

"Great atmosphere; there’s a real feeling of community, because we are all studying at the School of Management, so we are not isolated in a small room like you get in some other places. Here we’re always talking to each other…and the rooms are really large."

Rocco F.

"I am enjoying living at Emm Field Villas. The most beneficial aspect for me is the close distance to the School Of Management. By foot it takes approximately 5 minutes. Furthermore, the rooms are a good space and everything is clean and new. Excellent facilities that assist you during your studying experience here in Bradford."

"We booked early and got a 3 bedroom apartment in Sophiya House which has got everything we need. It’s great because we’re all friends and we all go to the same college."

Thom V.

"I am happy living here during my undergraduate study life, and I live with some nice people here. I also have a nice landlord."

"Yes I'm really happy and satisfied about my living experience at Emm Field Villas. Modern and clean accommodation, nearby the Faculty of Management and Law and very nice land lord and property manager."

Liya H.

"I would definitely recommend EFM to others, because the owners are very friendly and willing to help and the rooms are great and it's nice that the kitchen is cleaned regularly. Also the location is beautiful. The prices are also reasonable."

Tom S.

"My experience in Emm Field Villas. First of all there is no noise in the apartments, thus if someone has come to study it is a really good choice to stay here. The neighbourhood is beautiful and I go for a walk in Lister Park almost every day as it is pretty close to the house. The School of Management was nearby as well, so I had no worries about being late or not attending to lectures. The house was really clean, the kitchen was quite satisfying."

Yiota P.

”It really is just a 5 minute walk to the School of Management. Its so convenient. And you can do the walk through the lovely park."

Sakeena ()

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